We develop agriculture in Kazakhstan
Invest and earn income on the creation of pasture and fattening meat production
104 974 ha
Number of pastures, incl
1 500 ha
Amount of grassland
200 ha
Arable land
  • 10 300 - number of sheep
  • 800 - Edilbai breed
  • 3 188 - Kazakh fluffy-haired breed
  • 436 - cattle
  • 152 - Kazakh white-headed breed
  • 726 - horse
14 288 Livestock
  • 29 shepherds
  • 2 horses
  • 2 shepherds
  • 6 mechanics
  • 1 livestock specialist, 1 veterinarian
  • 2 fattening
  • 7 school children
43 employees
"Manaqa", "Ushtagan", "Yrgaily", "Zhylysay", "Zheketau", "Hansai", "Karatobe", "Karasha", "Zheke tobe"
9 winterings
Our farm in numbers
About the peasant economy
We develop agricultural infrastructure and provide jobs for young families
We are an actively developing factory for processing meat of excellent quality in the Karaganda region
Peasant farm included in the register of horse meat exporters to Japan
Our goal
Reaching production capacity in 2022 under the Meat Processing and Production of Meat Products project
The annual figure is 79 tons of vacuum packaging of various types of meat products
An increase in the number of sheep to 15,000, cows of the Kazakh white breed to 500, horses to 1,000
Conducting selection work on sheep of the Edilbaev breed
Growing crops and getting high yields
Opening of an enterprise for breeding and catching fish
Republican Chamber of Meat and Fat Sheep Breeding
K.U. Branch of the Research Institute of Sheep Breeding. Medeubekova
Exchange of experience of young scientists, students and agricultural specialists within the framework of the program
Meat processing process
We pay close attention to the meat processing process. We use high quality equipment and the whole process takes place in a clean environment
We have halal certificate
Our managers are ready to answer your questions and tell you more about investing in our company
Free consultation on all issues
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